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GATEWAY へ ようこそ
Japanese Language & Culture

The trademark of Gateway is “Torii” which is a traditional Japanese gate most commonly found at the entrance of a Shinto shrine.

It marks the transition from this world to the sacred world. As the gate offers you an entrance to a different world, it is our aim to create a doorway to Japanese language and culture and to be the guide to this new world, helping you to start walking by yourself.

We want you to experience and enjoy a deeper understanding of Japanese language and culture.


– Hisami Kimura, founder of Gateway Japanese

Teaching Approach

I usually introduce myself as a Japanese language (and culture) coach / consultant, not a teacher. Because I think I cannot really “teach” language (or/and culture). 

Lessons and Pricing

Type of Lessons: 

Groups,  Private,  Online lessons,  JLPT Training

Cultural Coaching

We are offering various types of presentations and workshops to individuals and institutions who are interested in learning about Japanese culture, history, society, and people.

Client Reviews

Hisami is a true professional with a most charming and captivating personality. Her profound knowledge of Japanese culture & language she brings across with admirable sensitivity and care. Hisami has given students of the University of Twente a workshop on Japanese culture & language within our skills lab. We are looking forward to continuing our working relationship with her.

- Katja Hunfeld, Head of Department 

TCP Language Centre, University of Twente

Mrs. Hisami Kimura-Burnside is an excellent teacher with lots of innovative ideas in teaching Japanese to her students. Her patience with her students is admirable. I have had the privilege to receive Japanese lectures from her. I highly recommend Mrs. Kimura-Burnside to everyone who wants to learn Japanese language and know more about Japanese culture.

- Dr. Samuel Lee

president Foundation Academy of Amsterdam

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